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October 2017
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 Sunday 1st October 2017

Free Sports Events In London

8am W - Stroke Association Take on the new 55, 35 or 8-mile circuits that weave through our nations capital and south of the River Thames, perfect for serious athletes, those wanting to get or stay fit, or for a fun, family day out this autumn!

Address: Kings House Sports Ground Chiswick W4 2SH





 Monday 2nd October 2017







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 Saturday 7th October 2017

Free Festivals In London

10am E - Half Moon Young People's Theatre Our free family fun day returns for a third year with another exciting and inspiring programme of events for all ages. Fun Palaces is a free, nationwide celebration of arts and culture that shouts, sings, shimmies, stomps from the rooftops: arts and sciences, all culture, is a crucial part of human life, and they are truly glorious.

All events are free. Refreshments are available to buy throughout the day.

Address: Half Moon Theatre, 43 White Horse Road  London, E1 0ND





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